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How can we ensure our food is toxin free and good for us?

toxin-free-foodIndustrialisation has introduced a mix of toxins, chemicals and genetic materials into our environment and the food we eat. Here's how protect our health and wellbeing from these environmental toxins:

  • Learn about environmental toxins and your health - Increasing your understanding of the negative impact that environmental toxins (such as heavy metals, pesticides, volatile organic compounds) have on your health is critical to make informed decisions about the level of exposure you (and our family) allow yourself to have.
  • Take action to avoid environmental toxins – The food we eat and the air we breathe can be improved by better understanding how toxins filter through (or are introduced into) our food chain and local environment. Explore actions such as eat organic food, eat less meat, and avoid toxic chemicals, which will all help reduce your exposure to environmental toxins.
  • Stop toxins entering and polluting our environment – By recycling our technical waste (such as electronic waste, fluorescent globes) and avoiding the use of toxic products and packaging in our home, we protect our health. In addition, we also reduce these toxins entering our waterways, recreational areas and food chain.

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